A 5 Step Roadmap to Growing a Scalable Agency Business

In an era where technology and globalized platforms have made customer acquisition and international market expansion a lot more convenient, scalability is essential for agencies who do not want to lose out on tapping on the potential market demands.

Not convinced? A study by Visa shows that almost 90% of business executives worldwide believe that growth potential for their businesses lies in international expansion.

Now, if you are an agency business owner looking to grow your company to adapt to the ever-growing demands of new clients while maintaining or even improving your earning margins, it’s time to take some notes on how to get started!

Check Point 1: Start Offering “Productized Services”

Is starting from scratch for each new project you get from a new client very time-consuming? Tired of the negotiation process of the scope and billable hours for every new custom project you get from a new client?

This is where “Productized Services” comes in handy. As the name suggests, a productized service is essentially a special pre-packaged solution with a defined scope and price.

This takes away the hassle of discussing client expectations, refining proposals, and more, giving you time to focus on the task at hand — since all these are clearly stated upfront as pre-agreed parameters of the productized service.

Here are some examples of productized services that are commonly offered by agencies:

  • Content marketing packages — from creating a simple blog post to a full package which includes a content strategy and ongoing content creation for various social media platforms
  • Website design and development — from a simple landing pages solution to a recurring service to manage your website on an ongoing basis
  • Graphic Design — from charging for one-off graphic work to recurring engagement of a designer for a fixed amount of hours

How to start? Determine a service that you can pre-package into fixed scopes. Offer a basic package with the bare minimum deliverables and most affordable cost and a premium package with more deliverables and revisions included.

Check Point 2: Create a B2B Sales Funnel to Win Quality Clients

Wondering why you need a dedicated strategy to create a B2B sales funnel in the first place? Here’s a statistic to blow your mind:

Up to 95% of buyers choose a seller that provides relevant and educational content to help them navigate each stage of the purchase process.And that is where a well-defined and planned out sales funnel can help you visualize the steps involved in generating new quality leads over time — optimizing and eventually automating it.

Here are a few useful ways to improve conversion rates at every stage of your funnel:


Research and understand the demographics and profile of your client, before creating relevant and personalized content delivered at the right place and the right time to get them familiar with your brand and offerings.


Put in place a lead nurturing campaign, where you constantly engage them with increasingly valuable content specific to their needs to help them become more “sales-ready”.


Now it’s time to turn a warm lead into being a customer. Before your very first meeting or call with the lead, make sure to pull all the relevant content from your CRM system about the lead to customize your sales approach.


It’s almost the finishing line. Make sure you provide support to the lead to the very end — note: nurtured leads spend almost 1.5X than non-nurtured leads.

Check Point 3: Put in Place Design Quality Standards and Processes

As a business scales up and work ramps up, quality standards may inevitably slip. Or will it?

Want to avoid slipping quality standards and disappointing new clients? Make sure you set in place design quality standards and processes — to ensure that employees are meeting a specific bar that you are setting for the brand.

Here are some examples of what can be done include:

  • Clear internal design quality policies that dictate the manpower required, steps to complete a specific task and expected level of deliverables
  • Having a dedicated Quality Assurance team or this could be an experienced manager to vet work before it goes out to the clients

Check Point 4: Build Autonomous or Self Managing Teams

As a business grows, more employees will be required to join the team, and correspondingly more managers are required — or at least it is true in the history of traditional business hierarchies.

For modern businesses looking to scale without increasing significant costs, and looking to remain agile, that is no longer the case.

Additionally, the impetus for building self-managing teams to take the burden off leaders and managers in any business model has also been exacerbated by the new remote working model for many businesses. After all, it is really tough to manage a remote team.

Here are some ways to build your very own autonomous team:

  • Set high-level goals and KPIs for them — and let them decide how to get there
  • Keep an open route of communication to allow feedback
  • Have periodic check-ins to ensure everything is in order

Check Point 5: Consider Incorporating On-Demand Talent into Your Teams

In a world that is slowly shifting to a remote working model, a static local workforce is not only a costly expense but also does not seem to make much logistical sense especially as your business scales up.

With up to 36% of the American workforce performing freelance work, it is becoming a more cost-effective and flexible resource that more companies are turning to, over a full-time local workforce.

Say goodbye to the tiresome hiring processes, additional pay benefits, and more with a freelance team!Wondering where to engage on-demand talent?

Here are some reputable platforms to consider:

Keen To Learn More About Scaling Up Your Agency?

Join me on a journey as I share more of my experience and insights in growing my agency business through each checkpoint above!

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E-commerce branding & Consultancy. Sharing 15+ years of experience ☄️

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Sergio Laskin

Sergio Laskin

E-commerce branding & Consultancy. Sharing 15+ years of experience ☄️

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